PhotosInvestment Focus


  • United States and Canada



  • Minimum revenue of $5 million
  • Prefer EBITDA of at least $1 million


Business Characteristics

  • Market niche leaders
  • Defensible market position
  • History of consistent or growing earnings
  • Fragmented market
  • Lack of customer concentration


Industries of Focus

  • Manufacturing of food, consumer, and industrial products
  • Business services
  • Value-added distribution

Avoided Industries

  • Banking, bio-tech, high-tech, insurance, real estate, retail, restaurants, software, and start-ups


  • Management continuity is preferred, but not required


Transaction Types

  • Buyout of retiring owner or majority shareholder
  • Management buyout
  • Growth equity
  • Recapitalization of existing ownership/management
  • Corporate divestitures



  • Long-term, very flexible – no fund constraints on return of capital
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