Riker Capital is a Chicago-based private equity investment firm focused exclusively on buying and recapitalizing lower middle market companies. We invest in specialized industrial manufacturers, consumer products, unique service companies and value-added distributors with revenues of at least $5 million. We look to buy and help smaller companies grow internally or through acquisitions. Riker Capital provides financing to offer liquidity for owners, ownership opportunities for management, and capital for internal growth and acquisitions.


Ideally, we are interested in smaller, niche businesses that have a successful history of consistent earnings. Riker Capital will consider companies that suffer from too much leverage and require a restructuring. While we prefer to partner with companies with a diverse set of customers with little concentration, we are interested in learning more about these customer relationships, particularly if they are long-term.


Riker Capital views itself as a long-term partner of capable and experienced business owners and managers. As a result, we believe day-to-day operations are best left in the hands of the managers. We pride ourselves in offering insightful strategies to help grow the business. Our Board of Advisors is comprised of a talented team of entrepreneurs, successful business executives and financial advisors who can supplement companies’ board members in offering value-added advice. Areas of particular expertise include management development, strategy, recruiting, working capital management, financing and acquisitions. If necessary, Riker Capital will provide management services to exiting owner operators in order for a seamless transition to more permanent management and best position the company for future growth.


As long-term partners, we have no required investment horizon and strongly believe in managing businesses for the long-term as opposed to meeting short-term performance goals. We believe in conservative capital structures to provide the company with the greatest flexibility to further invest in the business and its people. Our transactions are structured to meet the specific financial, legal and tax objectives of shareholders and management.

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